Three Things You Never Thought You Would Say As a Football Fan

  1. Don’t start football back up
  2. Don’t start football back up
  3. Don’t start football back up

It might seem odd (it feels really really odd) as a football fan to not be jumping with joy after hearing the news that the Bundesliga is returning next weekend.
Instead, I feel my shoulders sink and my head slump.
As a football fan, it goes against every instinct that we have to call for the football to NOT be played.
To beg the authorities to re-think their decision to allow the Bundesliga to start back up.
It’s not our usual protocol, but then again nothing in our world is running according to any regular protocol at this time

Borussia Mönchengladbach football mug

The decision to start the league back up is a financial one, the only motive behind it money. The DFL is claiming that it’s a necessity of keeping clubs afloat financially, but it probably has as much to do with certain broadcast deals. The players’ wages make up way more than half of clubs expenditures, yet have the players actually been asked if they’re willing to take a pay cut in order to help the clubs manage during this time, instead of being forced to play and therefore risking the health of themselves, as well as the one of their families?
It also sets a dangerous precedent for leagues in other countries who are not in Germany’s situation, a country who were on the ball from the beginning and have managed to keep it somewhat under control, and allows for them to say “well look at Germany!”

Well, look at Germany.
Dynamo Dresden, playing in the 2. Bundesliga, will not be able to play in their first fixture scheduled for this weekend, as their entire squad and staff have been put into a two-week quarantine following two players testing positive for the virus.
We’re still going ahead with this? You’re joking, right?
Meanwhile, in England, a third Brighton player has tested positive.
Yet they’re discussing how soon the Premier League can start back up again.

One can only wonder
As both the fans and the players themselves are against the league starting back up again

Who are we doing this for?
The answer is clear
It is not for the people the game was built around

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