Wednesdays Are For World Cup Countdowns

I want to introduce a new segment on the blog. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is very excited about the upcoming World Cup in France, but as the Bad Football Fan that I am, I will readily admit that there are many of these national teams that I don’t know too much about. It’s so easy around these kind of events to become focused on one or a few countries, typically the country you have your own ties to, and by doing so you risk missing out on so many wonderful stories. But it is also just way more interesting to follow a tournament if you are able to put the playing teams in a context, knowing more about what they’ve done in the past and what kind of realistic goals they have. This sounds like prep for an awkward first date when you’ve run out of things to talk about, but we’re going to sweat through a whole month of some really great action between all of these teams, so might as well get prepared.

As a fellow Bad Football Fan, I know how hard it can be to do the research for every team all on your own, and to be frank it’s easy to get lost without a structure or a purpose. That’s why I’m starting WWC Wednesdays – Women’s World Cup Wednesdays, each week going covering a new national team that will be present at the World Cup in France in June. I will go through the teams in the order of the groups, starting with Group A and working my way through all the groups and all the teams, arriving at the last team just as the World Cup is about to kick off. The series will come out every Wednesday as a countdown to the tournament, reminding us that it’s not too far off. It will serve as a review of the team – some history, looking at some of their prominent players as well as what we can expect of them (even though we’re always open for surprises). The first piece, on the French team, will come out on the first Wednesday of the year, 2 of January, and we’ll go from there.

WWC Wednesdays

I’m so excited, and I hope that you are as well! Who do you cheer for, and who do you think will win the tournament?


  1. Hey! I support Norway (in particular Emilie Haavi and Kristine Minde) and would love to read your take on them whenever it comes 🙂 I’m also generally interested in seeing women’s football grow, so love to read about the state of the game in other countries and cultures.

    No idea who will win, aren’t USA always really good?


    1. Hi! Since they are in group A with France, South Korea and Nigeria, it will come out in three weeks already, yey! 🙂

      Right?! That’s what I love as well! Yeah, since the US are the reigning champions, I would expect them to be really good – but there are so many exciting teams that it’s far from certain how well they’ll do!


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